Providence Presbyterian Church

Providence Presbyterian Church History

May 2011: Installation of Mitch Haubert as assistant pastor.

June 2010: Installation of Ray Heiple Jr. as senior pastor.

January 2006: Installation of Ray Heiple Jr. as associate pastor.

June 2004: Arrival of Director of Music Ministries, Jonathan Moser.

October 2003: Installation of Assistant Pastor Ray Heiple, Jr.

June 2003: First High School graduation for Robinson Township Christan School.

June 2001: Installation of Pastor Bailey Cadman as senior pastor.

June 29, 1997: Ordination and Installation of Brett Wirebaugh as Associate Pastor.

December 7, 1994: Ordination and Installation of Todd Williams as Associate Pastor.

August 2, 1992: Installation of John Koelling as senior pastor.

December 21, 1980: Installation of Daryl Davis as Assistant Pastor.

August 29, 1978: Dedication of Robinson Township Christian School. Combined effort of Grace O.P.C. and Providence P.C.A.

August 21, 1977: Church building completed and first worship service held.

December 14, 1975: Rev. Randy Johovich ordained.

August 3, 1975: Ordination and Installation of Providence's own elders and deacons.

June 25, 1975: Election of elders and deacons.

February 18, 1975: Rev. Broadwick received Mid-Atlantic Presbytery. Randy Johovich taken under care of that presbytery.

February 16, 1975: Providence congregation applies for membership in Mid-Atlantic Presbytery - P.C.A.

February 9, 1975: First worship service at Holiday Inn

January 25, 1975: Organizing into a new congregation leaving Union P.C.U.S.A. joining P.C.A.